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So again we have another season behind me and do nothing else than in my wintering grounds and look forward to the next through these pages to share with you about how differently fantatickém trip this summer .........
Douglas underwent a thorough renovation before departure and a few innovations that I and most passengers bring more convenience and comfort on a cruise. 28th May, Douglas has a new coat solemnly lowered into the water and the season 2003 was fully started.

Over the summer I traveled distance of almost 2000 nautical miles around the island of Elba, and CORSICA Sardinia. Over the years there have been six crews to the space so cruises and objectives guided by their wishes and tastes, so you will not tire the exact shipping schedule and because some sites were visited repeatedly, so you at least try to outline the most interesting points and places visited. Summer was all about the sea and can offer everything from sailing through all sorts of water sports, scuba diving, fishing, sunbathing, but here I can not forget the trips to the islands, which due to its exotic atmosphere and wonderful nature experiences and impressions leave at least a lifetime ... .

So read carefully and most importantly .... next year will meet the new adventures on board Douglas.

Sardinie Golfe de Olbia
Nearly two weeks after a pleasant voyage, we sailed to the waters of Golfo de Olbia's southernmost point, which I reached for the season. Nature has shown that Africa is around the corner. Here and there we meet the lonely islands of civilization that seem to feel that their inhabitants are more Europeans than to be Corsicans. Sea calm, very nice location for fishing.
Islands of Sardinia
Sardinia immediately impressed overwhelming impression of a big surprise for us was that, rather than yachts, are visible from most motor boats - temperament can not deny - just Italians. Invokes a sense of massive island with Mt Isola Tavolara that grows out of the water right up to 565 mA over the top edge of which are spreading clouds. At the foot of the island is shallow, Italy used as a mooring for their boats.
Immediately after entering the strait between Corsica and Sardinia weather worsened, the temperature dropped by 3 ° C, from the west breeze blew. The weather calmed as we sailed around the islands of Sardinia. The wind from the north and leaning propelled us forward a decent speed. Magic islands scattered at the tip of Sardinia, or acted as if did not belong to the Mediterranean, but somewhere around the Seychelles. Interestingly, although the islands are a protected reserve, the most densely populated among.
Golfe de St. Amanza
The southernmost bay in Corsica, which we visited. Around the Bay is impermeable wall of lush vegetation, thanks to the beaches that are not accessible by land. I was not sorry effort and I climbed a narrow saddle on one of the hills, I photographed a couple of shots. The top has fantastic views of the bay. Only in one part you could see bits of civilization, where placatilo several representatives of homo sapiens, pleasure dealing with water. The rest of the bay was empty so we plážičky occupied one for himself. The beach was like pouring water mussels and other crustaceans and molluscs. We had a very decent catches our diversified diet. At night, the stars glittered, which were scattered across the sky and seemed to be almost within reach. Part of the sky illuminated the distant Milky Way.
Porto Vecchio
Porto Vecchio town sitting on a hill like an eagle's nest, but unfortunately I had to use the postal service and so I had no choice than to scramble the krpál. Rewarded for the effort I was a fantastic view of the bay and harbor. The port I used to supplement drinking water supplies, which here was excellent mineral flavor, almost like a soda without the bubbles. The bay has a lot of nooks and bays, which were both created for anchoring. Along the bay side of the road, what struck me was that apparently people use the road signs for shooting practice, probably only in times of peace, along the road because there are many sites that show that in the tumultuous times of civil war and Corsican Corsican traditions of other shoots only on the brand.
Golfe de Pinarellu
Beautiful indoor bay, flanked on one side a narrow strip of rocky beach and from the other fine golden sand. Coast for a narrow strip of beach is soaring, but when you put a little work and the reward is krpál vyšlápnete magnificent views of the bay and surrounding area. The bay itself is a basin, average depth from start to finish is between 8-12 m at the entrance tower, called patrols do not know why La Tore and water reef extends to the surface because I called Bird Rock. The bay is a pleasant sinking.
Niagara Wreck
Niagara, 50-meter long wreck of a merchant ship, lying at a depth of 8 meters on the sandy bottom about 250 yards from shore. Nature has equipped this time for this object unnatural amount of marine life. Found refuge here of squid, jellyfish, sea squirt, colorful coral fish and even a moray eel.
A beautiful beach with golden sand alternated with carpet shells and seashells. Again, here one finds the soul. It's a wonder, on the other side of the sea (I think that Italy) wonder people do not lie on the head. When I nearly overlooked hledáníkotviště reef about 200 meters from the shore that fateful CNEL above the surface. I used to stop discarded nezrecyklovatelných garbage, which I abused the coast lying camp.
Saint Ciprianu
Before the storm that whipped waves almost two meters above the wind speed over 60 km / h, we hid in the Gulf. The ten-hour break while waiting umoudří počásko than we used to make small trips to the coast. Bay adjacent to Brakidskými lakes and fresh water mixes with the sea here. A special feature is that lives in these waters (or rather lurking), small animal called Biharzie. This form of parasite in the worm exploits the body openings (I'd rather not specify which) to the frontal attack and intrusion into your physical mailbox, where they happily vegetarian and feeds on the muscle. Fortunately, I had an early benign Corsican warned the occurrence of these parasites escape and I gave up for hosting these visitors. Coast was rocky, sometimes I saw a group or solo rider on horseback. Along the coast are rolling a lot of cartridges fired from a shotgun, apparently hunting abounds here, I hope at least that fishing is not hostile neighborhood.
I have anchored ca. 50 m below the citadel. More quiet, temperature 23 °. In the morning we visited the ancient harbor, is a charming city full of monuments. In addition, we continued south, where there are beautiful beaches, lined by pine groves. Here and there we meet osamělého consisting of, otherwise liduprázné beach. Probably for this reason (see the human soul) all health (Bonjour). Beautifully clean sea, many fish and jellyfish to a meter in diameter.
Tyrrhenian sea
Tyrrhenian sea is very calm and very inviting for swimming, know the depth of 80 m due adrenaline rises, only the father failed this time too, when he was pulling on the rope (I personally like a bait) lost his swimsuit. Always on the road between us and Corsica ELBO accompanied a group of 15 to 20 dolphins and diversified travel many miles to us, these marine mammals always evoke in me a pleasant feeling, Mates even managed to physical contact.
Elba, near the home port and the starting field for the new session. Newcomers must first be acclimatized in the waters of Elba to the conditions of life on board to adapt before we go to distant places and further out to sea. The Gulf has always anchored many ships, whether they were merely passing through, who, gathering forces for another tour, or permanent vegetation, among which was the number of Czechs and Slovaks, with whom I became friends and from time to time we have held noisy parties on the waves. Some jachtičky were quite interesting and even that stuff, I even saw that the traffic between the yacht harbor and the vessel was used, strikingly reminiscent of the washtub. Some passengers Elba so charmed that already did not want to sail to other islands of the Mediterranean and fully savored everything Elba has to offer, whether it was on land, on water or underwater.